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on the accumulated plastic strain and always increases; and (iii) kinematic hardening component (∆σkin), which gradually increases between 0 and 1.5-2% strain level, and after this threshold its characteristic does not change. Δσ isomax and Δσ accum are illustrated in Fig. 2. Strain level [%] Fig. 1. iare material parameters and dpis accumulated equivalent plastic strain in- crement. Chaboche kinematic hardening rule is a superposition of several Armstrong and Frederic hardening rules. Each of these decomposed rules has its specific purpose.

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INISTATE with plastic strain (which must include initial strain or stress, plastic strain, and accumulated plastic strain) does not support gasket materials (TB,GASK), rate-dependent plasticity (TB,RATE), and viscoplasticity (TB,PRONY, TB,SHIFT).
In practical approaches, the maximum time‐step size for creep problems in numerical simulations has been assessed by limiting the maximum increment of variables representing visco‐plastic strain to a certain fraction of the total accumulated strain at all integration points of a system. + Severe plastic deformation modeling using ALE… During this collaboration, I developed FE models to better understand how the strain distribution evolved during asymmetric and symmetric rolling and to evaluate the equivalent strain accumulated after a large number of passes. + Improving the mechanical properties of materials.

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Equivalent Stress (SEPL) 等效应力,在硬化模型下,屈服应力的当前值,在屈服准则中,看的是等效应力与输入的屈服应力之间的关系; Accumulated Plastic Strain (EPEQ) 累积塑性应变,指在变形历史中,塑性应变率在某一路径上的总和;
The change of the accumulated plastic strain in the region of the specimen notch in different points of the loading curve was analyzed. The features of the specimen at different points of the loading curve were explained taking into account the formation and development of a macrocrack at the top of the specimen notch.

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In this equation, and ̇ represent the equivalent von Mises strain and its rate, respectively. is the volume fraction of the void nucleating particles. is the mean equivalent plastic strain for nucleation. It is determined by the strain, for which 50 % of the inclusions are broken. represents the standard deviation of the equivalent plastic
When increasing the velocity to 25 m/s, the maximum stress and strain reached 2.614e6 Pa and 0.62676, respectively, and concentrates on the isthmus region. Furthermore, the equivalent stress and equivalent elastic strain for the impact in the X-axis under different velocities are shown in Figures 9(a)–9(f). The stress and strain at the connection between the aortic arch and the pulmonary artery for 15, 20, and 25 m/s velocities are 5.1771e5, 0.22445, 1.622e6, 0.57831, 2.3128e6, and 0.618 ... Oct 18, 2016 · The stress–strain state during specimen testing is here evaluated from the finite element simulation of testing in ANSYS. The tests were performed at a temperature of 300 °C and shear strain rate intensity Η = 0.1; 0.3; 0.5 1/s. The test results have offered a fracture locus, which can be used in models of damage mechanics to predict ...

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Where L is the characteristic length of element, "" is the equivalent plastic strain at failure and "" is the equivalent plastic strain at the onset of damage. or it should ...
Creep damage factor(Dc) is 3.058E-05 at the end of the cycle and total accumulated inelastic (creep) strain is 7.88E-06. So, as per API 579 CL (g) for total creep damage(3.058E-05) & total accumulated inelastic strain(7.88E-06) are satisfied the limit DcAllow=1 & the equivalent total accumulated inelastic strain (0.005) respectively. If you have a model held in place purely by contact you can run an initial no-applied-load-step to allow the contacts to ‘settle down’ and properly engage. If you have a model that fails due to excessive distortion or accumulated plastic strain you can increase the number of sub-steps to ramp the loads slower.

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is proposed. Here, the plastic strain range for each strain component, calculated for a stabilized hysteresis, is defined as: ∆e ij e e p ij p ij = − p max min, (6) where e ij p max and e ij p min denote the strain component values at the reverse points of the cycle. Similarly, the mean plastic strain components over cycle are given by the equation: e e e ij
Ansys中ETABLE命令详解.docx,Ansys中ETABLE命令详解 1、ETABLE简介 原来ansys求解完问题之后,会把计算结果保存在一个表里面,表的行是单元的编号,表的列是单元的计算结果,如节点位移、节点力、应力、应变等等。 Equivalent Stress (SEPL) 等效应力,在硬化模型下,屈服应力的当前值,在屈服准则中,看的是等效应力与输入的屈服应力之间的关系; Accumulated Plastic Strain (EPEQ) 累积塑性应变,指在变形历史中,塑性应变率在某一路径上的总和;

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accumulated equivalent plastic strain ansys, Dec 01, 2012 · Assumption made in this process is total strain (elastic and plastic) have been approximated to be equal to the plastic strain. This plastic strain is then used in the Coffin–Manson based relation to predict the cycles to failure.
Kanvinde and Deierlein [14]. The equivalent plastic strain εp is divided into εt (> 0) and εc (> 0) that are accumulated during tensile and compressive plastic loading states, respectively, which are identified by the sign of σm. The significant plastic strain ε∗, which represents the amount of void growth, is defined as ε∗ = ε t ...