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The main reason E85 allows for some much more power than traditional gasoline is that it has a very high octane rating, usually from around 100 to 105 octane, compared to 91 to 93 octane from normal gasoline. This high octane rating allows E85 to resist engine knock. Jun 26, 2016 · Nope. E85 is 85% ethanol and only 15% gasoline. Its octane number is up around 100, but there's little gas in it. Mixing 3 - 4 gallons into the tank would give you an EtOH percentage of somewhere in the mid-20s.

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Jul 17, 2015 · Another is E85 Calculator on Google. Tags ... and am able to use a 50/50 mix of E85 and 93 octane gasoline in a non-FFV 1996 Ford Taurus successfully without any ...
The results show that the antiknock thermal benefit increases monotonically with ethanol content from 5 octane numbers for DI gasoline to 18 octane numbers for E85. This paper is the second part of a two paper series looking at the chemical and charge cooling effects of gasoline ethanol blends on engine knock. call and talk to a live voice! m-f 8-4 cst phone: 800-733-3381

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Mar 31, 2017 · First, let’s define high-octane. I’m assuming you are referring to fuels that are 100+(US) or 108+(Euro) octane and over. Sure, according to law, one must use gas that is designed for and has been taxed for road use. Your point is moot, though, as no vehicles that are sold in the US would even receive any benefit from running such a high ...
The Nitrous Jet Calculator will help you calculate Horse Power ratings for jets used in nitrous oxide systems. If you are using a 'wet' setup, you can calculate what the Fuel Jet size is by filling out the nitrous pressure and fuel pressure fields for a given Nitrous Jet. May 21, 2018 · An impressive peak to peak gain of +29.24 whp / 7.59 wtq compared to B-Spec on California 91 Octane. Here we can see that E46 M3 really takes advantage of the higher octane fuel with a tune and it is evident that the E85 helps stop the S54 DME from pulling timing.

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Apr 27, 2011 · I've used both regular & high octane for almost 30 yrs & 10% ethanol blend the 10 yrs or so its been around here.Never any problems with the carburetors or other parts.At least one of the saws gets used several hours a week,only time any of them may sit for more than 2 weeks is in the hottest part of summer from mid June to late August,I rarely do any cutting or milling then unless its storm ...
An alternative is to have both a 93 octane tune for travel, and an E85 tune for local or race use. If you have a car with forced induction or a compression ratio over 11:1 or 12:1, E85 would be a great choice for you. Lower octane fuel also requires less advance (it burns more quickly), so if you are running 87 octane, use a few degrees less total advance than if you are running 94 octane. idle advance : In MegaSquirt-II™ (or MicroSquirt ® ), this is the advance at the idle rpm and MAP value.

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Here is a handy calculator for determining octane with varying amounts of e85. If you start with 91 octane e10 and add two gallons of e85 you end up with 92.9 octane. This assumes a 15 gal. tank and a ratio of 13:2 e10:e85.
Blended for off-road racing applications, Octanium® increases gasoline octane up to 8 numbers (80 points), improves throttle response and acceleration, while eliminating knocks and pings. 32oz. treats up to 10 gallons (38 Liters) E85 is an abbreviation typically referring to an ethanol fuel blend of 85% ethanol fuel and 15% gasoline or other hydrocarbon by volume.. In the United States, the exact ratio of fuel ethanol to hydrocarbon may vary according to ASTM 5798 that specifies the allowable ethanol content in E85 as ranging from 51% to 83%.

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Sugarcane ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel produced by the fermentation of sugarcane juice and molasses. Because it is a clean, affordable and low-carbon biofuel, sugarcane ethanol has emerged as a leading renewable fuel for the transportation sector.
In the United States, the ethanol fuel industry is based largely on corn. According to the Renewable Fuels Association, as of 30 October 2007, 131 grain ethanol bio-refineries in the United States have the capacity to produce 7.0 billion US gallons (26,000,000 m 3 ) of ethanol per year. E85 seems to mainly be used on boosted applications for this purpose, but I have tuned several cars that were N/A, but running E-85, because of their 14:1 static compression ratio. If the motor is forced induced, many tuners and owners spend much of there time tuning the area of the map under boosted load.

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450LPH - 485LPH Gasoline and E85 / Flex TI Automotive’s award-winning fuel pump technology includes gasoline and E85 flex-fuel compatible options that are available as in-tank or in-line pumps for dozens of vehicles.The Walbro TIA450 and TIA485 fuel pumps are the Walbro F90000274 and F90000267 fuel pumps which flow at 450LPH to 485LPH .
I switched to e85 on a racecar with inlet restrictor rules for an average gain of 6% hp and a peak gain of 11% hp. To acheive this change, I added around 40% more fuel (by volume), and x degrees of spark timing. The higher octane will not grant you any hp gains unless you are boosted or running on your knock limit.